How It Works

Robocopy Log Scanner is placed at the bottom of your windows batch file, after robocopy.exe has completed, Robocopy Log Scanner performs checks on the log file, and emails you the results. See the below example:

SET src="c:\data"
SET dest="\\server\bkp$"
SET log=".\logfile.log"

robocopy.exe /MIR %src% %dest% /R:1 /log:%log%

RobocopyScanner.exe /s

Robocopy Log Scanner scans the log file for errors, zip's the log file and most importantly, emails the log file to you!

Robocopy is a great, -robust- tool that can play invaluable part of any backup strategy. Keeping track of Robocopy is the challenge, and Robocopy Log Scanner does that by checking the log file for errors each time you run the copy and also gives you peace of mind knowing you can search your inbox and get an accurate history of job success and failure, as well as the entire logfile from that day.

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