Using Robocopy To Copy Data

Robocopy is a great FREE tool to replicate data between servers. The biggest advantage Robocopy has by far over traditional copy methods, is that it ONLY copies changed files. If you have 100gb worth of files, and only one of them changes, then Robocopy only copies that ONE file. It's easy to appreciate the WAN bandwidth this is going to save!

Robocopy Log Scanner helps you with your Robocopy jobs by automatically running a scan over the log file, and reporting to you any errors that may have occured. This saves time with checking log files, and also helps you store those log files in your inbox.

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Posted 2009-11-01 19:28:54

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Robocopy scripts, backup strategies, scheduled tasks, they are the last thing on everyones to-do list. We understand how important these generally thankless tasks really are.

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