Improving your Robocopy Backup Job

It's typical, you need a directory, a heap of files, a database - something critical - backed up. So you write a quick batch file with Robocopy mirroring the files to your backup server or USB disk... perfect! That was cheap, easy and free! Until 6 months later when that user asks for that file they deleted, you sudenly realise because of an NTFS permissions issue, THAT file wasn't being backed up!

This would have never happened if you got some feedback from those faithful scheduled tasks, doing all that thankless hard work with no way of letting you know something was up! Give Robocopy Log Scanner a go today, and see how quickly it can pay for itself!

Posted 2009-10-17 02:32:11

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Robocopy scripts, backup strategies, scheduled tasks, they are the last thing on everyones to-do list. We understand how important these generally thankless tasks really are.

Here we shall share some scripts, ideas and best-practices that will help you and your enterprise and make your job that little bit easier.

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