Demo Released

If your reluctant to pay upfront for an untried product... can't say we blame you! Thats why we have released a Demo version for you to trial. If you prefer to try before you buy, you should be very pleased to get your hands on the 15 day demo version of Robocopy Log Scanner

With only 2 restricted features, and a full 15 days to try it out, we think you should get a good feel for how Robocopy Log Scanner can save you considerable time and effort. So don't delay... Download The Demo Now!

Posted 2009-10-25 20:04:38

Welcome to The Blog!

Robocopy scripts, backup strategies, scheduled tasks, they are the last thing on everyones to-do list. We understand how important these generally thankless tasks really are.

Here we shall share some scripts, ideas and best-practices that will help you and your enterprise and make your job that little bit easier.

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