Backing up your business data with Robocopy

There are many ways to implement a backup solution, some are free and easy, others are expensive and hard, and any combination in between.

We think Robocopy is a great way to get your data backed up quickly, easily and reliably. With a scheduled task and a few lines in a .bat file, you can have a safe, reliable and best of all, FREE way of getting your data from A to B.

  1. Take a look at the Robocopy Script Example on this site, and tune it to your liking.
  2. Setup your Scheduled Task to run the script as regularly as you need it, and make sure it has the appropriate NTFS permissions to do so.
  3. Grab a copy of Robocopy Log Scanner, which will email you any errors that occur.
  4. Finally, make sure the destination is in turn backed up again onto tape, or different USB disks - this ensures there are multiple versions of data incase you need them.
Always make sure the source and destination don't get mixed up when using the /MIR switch! Remember that the destination always ends up looking like the source.
Posted 2009-11-04 22:00:36

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