Large Robocopy Log Files

It's a common issue; systems have a lot of files, which need to be backed up, and this generates very big robocopy log files... up to hundreds of megabytes! That's a lot for a text file.

This is because Robocopy logs each and every file it touches... a verbatim but essential step in the scanning process. This can be rather inconvenient when opening the file up on your server... it can take a few minutes, and manually reading thousands of lines of log file is enough to turn away even the most prudent of systems administrators.

Fortunately, Robocopy Log Scanner will Zip, scan, summarize and email you a report automatically! Saving you time and money! Never look at a pesky Robocopy log file again!

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Posted 2013-06-18 10:49:00

Affiliate Program Launched

We are excited to announce the launch of our new affiliate / referral program. Simpy Sign Up, then publish your affiliate link, for each purchase reffered by you, you earn $5 USD! What could be easier? Good luck.
Posted 2010-02-15 15:26:00

Merry Xmas!

That time of year is just around the corner, and to celebrate, we would like to give you all a present. Simply enter the coupon code "santasdiscount" on the Buy Now page when you are purchasing your copy of Robocopy Log Scanner. Valid until the end of December! Enjoy!
Posted 2009-12-07 21:49:24

Backing up your business data with Robocopy

There are many ways to implement a backup solution, some are free and easy, others are expensive and hard, and any combination in between.

We think Robocopy is a great way to get your data backed up quickly, easily and reliably. With a scheduled task and a few lines in a .bat file, you can have a safe, reliable and best of all, FREE way of getting your data from A to B.

  1. Take a look at the Robocopy Script Example on this site, and tune it to your liking.
  2. Setup your Scheduled Task to run the script as regularly as you need it, and make sure it has the appropriate NTFS permissions to do so.
  3. Grab a copy of Robocopy Log Scanner, which will email you any errors that occur.
  4. Finally, make sure the destination is in turn backed up again onto tape, or different USB disks - this ensures there are multiple versions of data incase you need them.
Always make sure the source and destination don't get mixed up when using the /MIR switch! Remember that the destination always ends up looking like the source.
Posted 2009-11-04 22:00:36

Using Robocopy To Copy Data

Robocopy is a great FREE tool to replicate data between servers. The biggest advantage Robocopy has by far over traditional copy methods, is that it ONLY copies changed files. If you have 100gb worth of files, and only one of them changes, then Robocopy only copies that ONE file. It's easy to appreciate the WAN bandwidth this is going to save!

Robocopy Log Scanner helps you with your Robocopy jobs by automatically running a scan over the log file, and reporting to you any errors that may have occured. This saves time with checking log files, and also helps you store those log files in your inbox.

Try it out for free Download The Demo
Posted 2009-11-01 19:28:54

New Version Released

Version 1.3 has been released with some minor bugfixes and a much faster scanning feature. Grab the Demo and try it out.
Posted 2009-10-25 20:44:44

Demo Released

If your reluctant to pay upfront for an untried product... can't say we blame you! Thats why we have released a Demo version for you to trial. If you prefer to try before you buy, you should be very pleased to get your hands on the 15 day demo version of Robocopy Log Scanner

With only 2 restricted features, and a full 15 days to try it out, we think you should get a good feel for how Robocopy Log Scanner can save you considerable time and effort. So don't delay... Download The Demo Now!

Posted 2009-10-25 20:04:38

Improving your Robocopy Backup Job

It's typical, you need a directory, a heap of files, a database - something critical - backed up. So you write a quick batch file with Robocopy mirroring the files to your backup server or USB disk... perfect! That was cheap, easy and free! Until 6 months later when that user asks for that file they deleted, you sudenly realise because of an NTFS permissions issue, THAT file wasn't being backed up!

This would have never happened if you got some feedback from those faithful scheduled tasks, doing all that thankless hard work with no way of letting you know something was up! Give Robocopy Log Scanner a go today, and see how quickly it can pay for itself!

Posted 2009-10-17 02:32:11

This Blog just launched

Here we will provide some insight into Robocopy and its many uses in the corporate and private world, case studies and just plain useful information! Keep posted!
Posted 2009-10-15 19:00:18

Welcome to The Blog!

Robocopy scripts, backup strategies, scheduled tasks, they are the last thing on everyones to-do list. We understand how important these generally thankless tasks really are.

Here we shall share some scripts, ideas and best-practices that will help you and your enterprise and make your job that little bit easier.

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