Affiliate Terms Of Service

The Affiliate Program signals our agreement to pay You a $5.00 USD commission on payments received by Us from customers referred by You.

Commissions will only be paid for referrals deemed by Us to be valid. We use a variety of methods in order to best determine if a customer was referred by You. However we make no guarantees to the accuracy or reliability of these methods, and reserve the right to have final judgment over what commissions are due and paid to You.

Commission payments are made via PayPal, and will only be paid once $50 of commissions have been earned by You.

Spam or any form of unsolicited advertising to promote the Service is strictly forbidden and will result in immediate forfeit of all commissions and termination of the offending account. Using any unlawful or misguiding method to direct traffic will also result in account termination.

Your participation in the Affiliate program, can be terminated by Us at any time, for any reason, at our sole discretion.